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Make your company presentation, animation, film, game, or commercial stand out with originally composed music. From 8-bit chiptunes to full orchestral scores and beyond.


A unique brand identity is essential. Give your product or company instantly recognizable sound or music. Lonebeard also can provide animation services to create a unique moving animation of your logo with originally composed music.


Make your product, user interface, game world, animation, film, or commercial come to life with original sound design and ambient soundscapes.


Technical audio integration for video games. In-engine integration and audio middleware implementation with Wwise, FMOD, Unreal, Unity and various other game engines such as Gamemaker, Stencyl or Gamesalad. Lonebeard is a Wwise Certified user.

About Felix

Hi, I’m Felix, thanks for dropping by. My music career started at the age of five when my father began teaching me to play the piano. After saving up for my first Commodore 64 home computer, I soon realized computers could be used to make music. No longer being confined to just classical sheet music, my passion for improvising and composing music with computers was born!

Throughout high school and poly technical school, I experimented with audio technology, computer music and synthesizers. Inspired by classical and jazz music, I practiced composing music across different genres ranging from electronic chip tunes to movie soundtracks. Being inspired by composers like Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Eric Serra and Hans Zimmer, I released my first new age synthesizer album in 1999 which also led to my first paid video game gig for an arcade platform game.

After getting my degree in technical computer science in 1996 I became a software engineer by day and a musician by night (and weekends). During this time I still composed but also focused on performing live music and studying jazz and funk music. I was one of the founders of funk/soul quartet The Rare Groove Orchestra in which I played Hammond organ and all other keys. Rare Groove Orchestra composed and recorded three albums, performed at many renowned jazz festivals like North Sea Jazz and toured in multiple countries like Switzerland, France and Mexico.

During the day I still worked for a number of software related companies like TomTom. After leaving TomTom in 2010 I founded two software companies: QuestionMark (focused on transparency in the food industry) and Simacan (merging and distributing traffic information).

Fast forward eight years… In 2018 I decided to stop working in software development, selling all my shares in the companies I founded and focus full time on my true passion: composing music and sound design for video games at Lonebeard.

Next to my work at Lonebeard, I studied Professional Game Audio Design and Production at Berklee College  of Music to further develop my craft. Courses are conducted by Emmy Award nominated audio designer and composer Gina Zdanowic (Bioshock 2/Just Cause 3/XCom).

Next to this I’m working on an album with a new Jazz/Fusion/Electro band TRAQ where I play all the keys.

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