Plans & Goals for 2020

Dear game audio friends. For sometime I have not provided updates on my work. What have you been up to? What are doing? And what’s next.

2 years ago I quit the company I helped found to give myself a much needed break. In this sabbatical I reconnected with my big passion which is composing music. After doing a 9 month Professional Game Audio program at Berklee online I worked hard at getting my demo reel finished, attended the GDC and even had 3 major opportunities for professional work.

In december my work got discussed on PowerUp Audio Reeltalk. Getting some constructive expert feedback is so helpful for people just starting out and working through the long journey of one day making a living.  During the sessions the question asked was “Felix, are you music guy or a sound guy and if you have to choose what will it be?” You need to focus in order to grow….

Then it struck me. Although I liked experimenting and learning more about sound design I noticed it is something I like but doing professional I doubted. I realized music composition is my main interest. Not only for games but for a wide variety of media.

So I decided to start to focus more on the music composition aspect. As a result I’m now enrolled in the 9 month Music Theory Professional program to study music theory and scoring for a 9 month program. After successfully finishing this I will start a 2 year program for Film & TV Composition. 2020 will all be about studying and getting more comfortable with music theory and scoring.

In order to support my family and my future studies I have decided to take in some additional non music related work I hope to share with you soon.

Next tot that I will focus on composing music instead of sound design. I’m in the proces of creating a 4 part piece for string ensemble which I hope to have ready in the coming months and having it performed and recorded. A sneak peek of that work can be heard here.

And of course I’m available for commissioned work if you need original music for your game, film, animation or documentary.

For updates check my Twitter Account @lonebeardaudio.